GLIZE is a new generation token with staking up to 25% per month on the world’s fastest blockchain UMI without commissions

2 min readNov 11, 2021

Token that will allow you to get more

The best practices of staking, NFT and gamification technology.
+900% bonuses when you switch from UMI to GLZ
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GLZ is a token on the fastest UMI blockchain

Developed by the Glize Staking Club team with the support of the UMI team — with the aim of giving the community new features and moving UMI to a deflationary model.

What gives GLIZE?

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UMI is the fastest blockchain in the world without commissions

UMI is a Universal Money Instrument. It’s innovative decentralized cryptocurrency allowing you to make virtually instant, free, and completely secure transfers. Developed from scratch, this full-scale blockchain platform can create and execute smart contracts and operates using master nodes and the unique Proof-of-Authority model. UMI is 300 times faster than Bitcoin. It can process about 65,535 transactions per second and strives to outclass VISA and MasterCard. Each transfer is totally free-of-charge. It doesn’t matter where and how much money you send. Users don’t need to pay fees.

GLZ is a token based on the world’s fastest UMI blockchain without commissions with the best practices of staking, NFT and gamification technology.
On November 1, 2021, through an open decentralized vote, the community decided to migrate from UMI staking to GLZ!

UMI OneApp — a single application that combines the entire Defi market.

How to join the GLIZE staking structure

1. Create your own UMI wallet, save the mnemonic phrase
2. Exchange UMI on the cryptocurrency exchange: Sigen BTC, Bibox USDT, Bitglobal BTC, BTC-Alpha USD, S3 BTC, S3 USDT
3. Exchange UMI to GLZ
4. Send UMI coins to your UMI wallet
5. Log in to UMI wallet
6. Follow the registration link in the GLZ staking structure
7. Copy the Caption phrase and paste it into the Create Signature field of your UMI wallet
8. Enter the Signature on the Registration site in the GLZ staking structure
9. Click the Register button

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